Epiduo Gel


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  • Epiduo Gel

Epiduo Gel

  • Medication features

    Epiduo gel is used to treat acne. It contains two active ingredients that work together to tackle outbreaks and prevent them from reoccurring. Benzoyl peroxide clears the pores in the skin, whilst adapalene reduces swelling and inflammation of the skin caused by outbreaks.

    • It is designed to be applied once a day, preferably in the evening after washing the face.Gel used to treat acne
    • Simple once-daily application at night
    • Dual-action


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Epiduo is a gel that contains adapalene and benzoyl peroxide; adapalene helps to prevent clogging of the pores, and benzoyl peroxide helps to remove harmful bacteria from the surface of the skin. 


  • How do I use Epiduo gel?

    Epiduo is applied once daily, usually in the evening. You should not apply Epiduo more than once in 24 hours. For best effects, Epiduo gel should be applied after washing your face with warm water and a cleanser to wash off excess oil, skin cells and bacteria.

  • Can I use other acne treatments with Epiduo gel?

    You can combine Epiduo with oral antibiotic acne treatments, but should not be used with any other acne creams as it may cause excessive drying or irritation to your skin

  • I have started using Epiduo gel and the treated area is red and irritated, is this normal?

    Redness and irritation of the treated area can occur when you use Epiduo for the first time. This is not usually serious and subsides typically within a week. During this time, try applying the gel every other day; this should ease these side effects.

  • Does Epiduo gel work for acne scars?

    Epiduo gel is used to prevent, reduce, and treat existing acne. It can also help to rid your skin of acne scars that have come from previous outbreaks.

Side Effects

There are very few side effects associated with using Epiduo. Some people experience dry skin which can be managed using a non-greasy moisturiser. Others experience a stinging sensation when applying, but this subsides with time, or by applying the gel more thinly on the skin.


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