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Contraceptive Pill

Contraceptive pills can be used to prevent pregnancy, and when taken correctly, it is 99% effective. However, many women also choose to take them to regulate their period, help with heavy periods, reduce period pain, and to reduce acne.

Most pills are taken for 21 days with a seven-day break, where there is often a breakthrough bleed, which usually appears as a period and is normal.

Other pills are taken 28 days without a break. These can often stop regular menstruation from occurring or can help to lighten heavy periods.

Before taking oral contraceptives, it is important to measure your weight, as well as take readings of your blood pressure, as these can affect which pill is best for you. You can purchase home blood pressure kits or visit a local pharmacy to get a free blood pressure check. You will also be asked questions regarding your health history, including migraines, smoking, family history of stroke or heart attack, and breast cancer.

We have a wide range of contraceptive pills available from Pharmacy Online. Speak to a GP or our team for further information.