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Female Facial Hair

Female facial hair isn’t a medical problem, but approximately 10% of women produce excess facial hair and choose to remove it for aesthetic purposes.

Our treatments include clinically proven creams to treat excessive facial hair.


Excess facial hair in women is primarily caused by an increase in hormones such as testosterone, or sensitivity to these hormones.

It can also arise during menopause; the level of oestrogen is reduced. However, testosterone continues to be produced, causing excess hair growth.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome, also known as PCOS, is a condition wherein there is an increase in testosterone production. One of the symptoms of PCOS can be excessive hair growth.


Excessive hair can be removed by shaving, electrolysis, or oral contraceptives to regulate hormonal imbalances. At Pharmacy Online, we can supply a medical treatment cream known as Vaniqa, which can help to slow down the growth of facial hair.


Excessive hair growth usually appears on the back, legs, stomach, chest, and face.


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