Kwells Kids - 12 tablets

Travel Sickness

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  • Kwells Kids - 12 tablets

Kwells Kids - 12 tablets

Travel Sickness
  • Medication features

    Kwells Kids tablets are an effective treatment for travel sickness in children.

    • Fast and effective
    • Can be swallowed, sucked or chewed
    • Suitable from 4 years 


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Kwells Kids tablets are a fast and effective treatment or travel sickness. It contains the active ingredient hyoscine butylbromide, which works to reduce movemen of the bodies "balance organs" which may cause a nauseous feeling. 


At what age can I give my child Kwell Kids tablets? Kwells Kids tablets are only suitable for children over the age of 4 years. 

Can these tablets be crushed? Fortunately, Kwells Kids can be swallowed whole, sucked or chewed. The tablet itself also has a scoreline, which means they can be cut in half if necessary. 

Side Effects

Allergic reactions to Kwells Kids tablets can include a rash, itching and swelling. Kwells kids can rarely cause blurred vision, dizziness, drowsiness and a dry mouth.


Info Leaflet

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