Colief Infant Drops - 7ml

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  • Colief Infant Drops - 7ml

Colief Infant Drops - 7ml

  • Product features

    Colief Infant Drops 7ml is designed to break down lactose compounds in breastmilk and formula milk. Colief contains a lactase enzyme that helps to reduce the lactose within the milk. This makes it much easier to digest for a baby. By limiting the overall amount of lactose within milk, can greatly reduce symptoms of colic a baby could experience. 

    • Colief Infant drops can be used with both breastmilk and formula 
    • Fast-acting and effective at reducing colic symptoms


Young babies can often suffer from colic. It causes frequent, prolonged and intense crying or fussiness in a healthy infant. Although there is no specific cause or cure, research suggests that colic can be triggered by digestive issues that are difficult for the infant. In order to prevent or relieve the symptoms that can be brought on by colic, Colief works to break down the lactose within breast milk and formula to help ease digestion. This will help to reduce symptoms of colic the baby may experience.


Is Colief Infant Drops safe for a newborn? 

Yes, it is safe for newborns and above. 

Can I give my baby Colief Infant Drops directly?

No, the drops should only be added to breastmilk or formula. It is not recommended or safe to add the drops directly into the baby's mouth.

Side Effects

A babies stool may seem looser, and their pattern of stools may be more frequent. 


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