Infacol Oral Suspension 55ml

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  • Infacol Oral Suspension 55ml

Infacol Oral Suspension 55ml

  • Product features

    Infacol is an effective treatment for babies sufering with colic, wind and griping pain.

    • Fast-acting
    • Suitable from birth onwards
    • Contains simeticone


Infacol is a liquid used to treat babies suffering from colic, wind and griping pain. It contains the active ingredient simeticone, which is classified as an anti-foaming agent. It is believed that 80% of babies who are given Infacol sleep better, according to mothers and fathers. Infacol comes in a delicious orange flavour and boasts the fact that is is sugar, colour and alcohol free. 


Can I give a newborn baby Infacol? Yes, Infacol is safe to use from birth.

How do I administer Infacol to my baby? The bottle comes with a convenient dropper. The dropper should be used to deposit infacol directly into the babies mouth.

Side Effects

If given too much Infacol, a baby may experience constipation, diarrhoea or an upset stomach. But don't panic, there is no evidence to suggest that giving too much can be harmful to the baby.