Hair Loss

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  • Propecia


Hair Loss
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    Propecia is a medicine designed to treat male pattern baldness. Many men suffer with unexpected male pattern baldness, where head hair stops growing and creates unwanted bald patches on the head. This medicine is an easy once-daily dose and works by preventing the hormone DHT being created within the body. This allows hair follicles to grow normally and restore natural hair growth.  It has been shown to aid hair regrowthr in men or, in the worst-case scenario, prevent further hair loss.

    • Designed for male pattern baldness
    • Medication in tablet form that is simple one a day dose
    • Branded version of cheaper generic Finasteride


NOTE: After selecting this product, you will need to complete a short assessment, so we can make sure this medication is suitable for you. Pricing is provided as a reference only. The final decision on issuing this medication remains with our Prescriber / Pharmacist.

Propecia, a brand name of Finasteride, is an alpha-reductase inhibitor, which works to reduce the production of testosterone. Testosterone acts to shrink hair follicles; however, Propecia blocks this action, reducing hair loss.


  • Does Propecia work on older men too?

    Although Propecia has shown to be most effective in younger men, it can still be beneficial for men of any age to aid in preventing more hair loss.

  • Is Propecia a permanent hair loss treatment?

    For people that have taken Propecia 1mg daily, it has shown to be effective and work for 15 years or more and typically works for the full duration of the course of treatment. It is possible that Propecia may lose some of its effectiveness over time.

  • Does Propecia cause infertility?

    For the majority of men taking Propecia, they do not experience any problems when trying to conceive.

  • Can I stop taking Propecia?

    If you stop taking Propecia, it will not lead to further hair loss. However, you will not receive the benefits you had while you were taking the medication. This may result in you experiencing an initial shedding of hair.

Side Effects

There is always a risk of side effects with all medications. Some of these can be quite mild and can subside over time. Others are more serious and should be reported to your GP right away if you experience any side effects. Please contact a member of our team if you are concerned about any potential side effects that may occur when taking Propecia.

Common side effects may include:

  • Headaches or migranes
  • Increased size of breast tissue
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Skin rashes or reactions
  • Swelling, usually in the hands and feet
  • Loss of libido or  interest in sexual activity

Some men can experience depression when taking Propecia for hair loss. If this occurs when taking Propecia, you need to contact your doctor and stop taking this medication straight away. Contact your GP immediately if you experience any symptoms of depression or suicidal thoughts.


Info Leaflet

Before taking any medicines, regardless of whether they are over the counter or prescription-only, it is essential always to read the patient information leaflet.

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