Nystatin Oral Suspension

Oral Thrush

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  • Nystatin Oral Suspension

Nystatin Oral Suspension

Oral Thrush
  • Medication features

    Nystatin oral suspension is a liquid form of nystatin that’s prescribed to those suffering with oral thrush.

    • Oral suspension treatment
    • Effective at fighting thrush
    • Used four times daily


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Nystatin is a treatment that belongs to the antifungal antibiotic family of medicines. The most common form of nystatin is the oral suspension, which is prescribed for the treatment and/or prevention of oral thrush.

Nystatin can be used by all ages, and is a safe and effective treatment as long as dosage instructions are followed.

Nystatin is easy to use, and comes with a dropper for precise measurement and application.


  • Signs of oral thrush

    Although oral thrush can be a frustrating and irritating condition to live with, the good news is that it’s rarely serious or a cause for concern. However, it does need treating as soon as you notice the symptoms to stop it from getting any worse.

    Some of the signs of oral thrush in adults can include:

    • The inside of your mouth looking more red than usual
    • White patches on the inside of your mouth
    • Areas that bleed when you wipe away the white patches
    • Cracks in the corners of your mouth
    • Reduced sense of taste
    • Unpleasant taste in the mouth
    • Pain or soreness inside your mouth
    • Difficulty eating and drinking
  • Nystatin oral thrush (how it works)

    Nystatin works in a similar way to other antifungal treatments, and ultimately stops the spread and growth of fungi in order to get rid of the infection.

    Nystatin binds to an essential part of the cell membrane of the fungi and helps to permeate it, causing holes to appear. This ultimately damages the cell membrane, which is vital for the fungi to survive. In time, other essential parts of the cell begin to leak out through the holes in the membrane, and the fungi starts to die.

    Nystatin is effective for oral thrush due to the fact that it gets straight to the source of the problem, and can be held in the mouth for as long as possible. Generally, most people that use nystatin oral suspension find that their symptoms improve within 2 days.

    Each bottle of oral suspension contains 30mls of solution, which should last 7 days, in which time, the infection should have cleared up. You should use all of your nystatin, even if your symptoms seem to have disappeared before you’re finished the course. This is to make sure that all of the fungi is killed off, and should prevent it from coming back.

  • Oral thrush treatment (alternatives)

    Nystatin isn’t the only oral thrush treatment available, though most of the treatments recommended are topical and need to be placed in your mouth for it to work.

    Alternative treatments for oral thrush include Daktarin oral gel – an orange flavoured gel that’s placed in the mouth and held there for as long as possible (much like nystatin).

  • Nystatin oral suspension over the counter

    Unfortunately, Nystatin oral suspension isn’t available over the counter, as it’s a prescription-only medicine (POM). However, you don’t necessarily need to visit your regular GP for a prescription if you don’t want to, or if you don’t have the time.

    You can buy nystatin from reputable online prescribers such as PharmacyOnline.co.uk after filling out a consultation form (subject to doctor approval).

    However, you may be able to buy alternative oral thrush treatments from a pharmacy.

Side Effects

The most common side effects that have been reported with Nystatin oral suspension include:

  • Sickness
  • Diarrhoea
  • Bloating
  • Stomach cramps
  • Indigestion


Info Leaflet

Before taking Nystatin or any other medicines, regardless of whether they are over the counter or prescription-only, it is essential always to read the patient information leaflet.

Nystatin Patient Information Leaflet