Finacea Gel


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  • Finacea Gel

Finacea Gel

  • Medication features

    Finacea gel is a topical gel used to treat redness and spots associated with rosacea. The active ingredient in the gel is azelaic acid. It works by reducing inflammation (which in turn reduces redness) and fights spot-causing bacteria on the skin.

    • Effective treatment for rosacea
    • Unblocks pores and reduces redness and spots


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Finacea gel includes the ingredient azelaic acid, which is used to reduce inflammation and redness of the skin, which is effective in the treatment of rosacea.


  • How does Finacea gel work on the skin?

    Finacea gel works using an active ingredient known as azelaic acid. This ingredient works by reducing your body’s natural production and growth of keratin surface skin cells, which stops the blocking of pores.

  • Can I use Finacea gel with other medicines?

    It is recommended by the manufacturer to avoid using alcoholic cleansers, tinctures, astringents, abrasives and peeling agents alongside it.

  • Is it okay to use Finacea while pregnant or breastfeeding?

    If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, inform your doctor before you start using Finacea gel.

  • Can Finacea gel cause itching?

    Itching is a common side effect of the gel, especially in the first few weeks of use. In most cases, the itchiness and redness will go down by itself.

  • Does Finacea clear acne scars?

    Finacea topical gel can help to fade light surface scars, including dark marks.

Side Effects

There are very few side effects associated with using Skinoren. Most people experience a stinging sensation when applying, but this subsides with time, or by applying the gel more thinly on the skin.


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