Tetralysal (Brand)


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  • Tetralysal (Brand)

Tetralysal (Brand)

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    Tetralysal is an antibiotic which is used to treat acne. The active ingredient in this acne treatment is Lymecycline, which belongs to a group of medicines known as tetracycline antibiotics. Tetralysal capsules are designed to be taken once daily. Tetralysal acne treatment works by killing and reducing the number of bacteria on the skin that cause acne outbreaks, and preventing them from re-growing.

    • Antibiotic treatment used to treat acne
    • Simple one a day acne medication
    • Branded version of the cheaper generic Lymecycline capsules.


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How does Tetralysal 300 work?

Acne causing bacteria feed on sebum produced by the skin's sebaceous glands. The waste products created by the bacteria then build up on the skin, irritating the sebaceous glands, causing them to become inflamed, and spots to develop.

Tetralysal contains an oral antibiotic called lymecycline which helps to remove any harmful bacteria in the body which may contribute to acne.

Using antibiotic medicines called tetracyclines is one of the most popular ways to treat acne, because they don't just deal with acne symptoms on the skin's surface, they tackle the bacterial infections which can be the root of the problem.

Is Tetralysal 300 mg effective?

Tetralysal prevents the acne causing bacteria from producing proteins essential for their reproduction. By reducing the number of bacteria on the skin, it reduces skin inflammation, allowing the skin to heal.

After taking lymecycline capsules, you can usually start to see results in as little as 7 days. These prescription medicines have been shown in clinical trials to be an effective treatment for adult acne, where over the counter medicines have failed.

While acne can not be cured, it can be treated and the symptoms managed by taking tetracycline antibiotics, such as Tetralysal 300.

Are there any side effects of Tetralysal?

Tetralysal is a prescription only medicine. And like all medicines, there some common side effects.

These include, but aren't limited to:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • diarrhoea
  • stomach pain
  • visual disturbances
  • dizziness

In some cases, it can also cause:

  • fungal infections
  • skin rash
  • photosensitivity
  • pancreatitis

Do not take Tetralysal if you've ever had kidney disease, or if you're pregnant or breast feeding.

Tell us if you've ever had impaired liver or kidneys, or if you suffer with systemic lupus erythematosus, or Myasthenia Gravis.


  • How long does Tetralysal take to treat acne?

    Lymecycline works slowly against acne. You should see some improvement within a week, but it can take several weeks before acne clears.

  • Will this acne treatment affect my contraception?

    Lymecycline doesn’t stop the oral contraceptive pill from working, including the combined pill and emergency contraception.

    But if lymecycline gives you severe diarrhoea or vomiting, you should use other methods of protection as oral contraceptives may not be as effective.

  • Can I drink alcohol with this medication?

    Yes, you can drink alcohol with lymecycline.

  • Is there any food or drink I need to avoid?

    You can eat and drink as usual while taking lymecycline.

  • Does tetralysal 300 interfere with other medicines?

    Tetralysal 300 can interfere with other medicines, for example:

    • medicines used as blood thinners
    • medicines used to treat kidney disease
    • other tetracycline antibiotics

    Wait at least two hours after taking tetralysal before you take:

    • indigestion remedies
    • ulcer medicine