• asthma inhalers

    The Complete Guide to Asthma Inhalers

    Asthma is one of the most commonly suffered health conditions in the UK, with around 5.4 million people receiving inhaler treatments to relieve Asthma symptoms.
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  • Period delay tablets: Are they safe?

    What are period delay tablets?  Period delay tablets are made from norethisterone. This is a form of progesterone hormone which stops the uterine from bleeding. Progesterone is naturally occurring...
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  • Clenil Modulite Inhalers: An Overview

    Steroid inhalers also known as corticosteroid inhalers are a common type of medication for people who suffer from asthma or COPD. One example of this form of treatment is Clenil Modulite Inhaler. This...
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  • Your Guide To Buying Viagra Online:...

    Erectile dysfunction (ED) is something experienced by many men across the globe, with one study estimating that ED affects as many as a third of all males.  
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  • What Are Salbutamol Inhalers? How to...

    Respiratory health problems are a common issue for many people, with over 12% of the UK population suffering from diagnosed asthma. This means you are not alone in wondering which type of inhaler is the...
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  • Anxiety Symptoms & Treatments

    Anxiety Symptoms  Almost everyone will experience anxious feelings during their lifetime. It’s normal to feel worried or nervous before a big event like a job interview or before taking a driving...
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