Dermol 200 Shower Emollient - 200ml

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  • Dermol 200 Shower Emollient - 200ml

Dermol 200 Shower Emollient - 200ml

  • Medication features

    Dermol 200 Shower Emollient is an antimicrobial shower emollient for managing dry and pruritic skin conditions, especially eczema and dermatitis.

    • Moisturising skin emollient
    • Can be used as a soap replacement
    • Helps fight against Eczema and Dermatitis 


NOTE: After selecting this product, you will need to complete a short assessment, so we can make sure this medication is suitable for you. Pricing is provided as a reference only. The final decision on issuing this medication remains with our Prescriber / Pharmacist.

Dermol 200 Shower Emollient contains emollient oils in a non-greasy aqueous system with antiseptics to help inflammatory dry skin conditions such as atopic eczema and dermatitis. It helps to cleanse your skin and remove surface debris, without the loss of the skin's natural oils. This product can be used directly on the skin and as a soap substitute.

Powerful ingredients for managing skin conditions
Dermol 200 Shower Emollient contains emollients - liquid paraffin and isopropyl myristate to rehydrate your skin and create a barrier within the skin surface to reduce water loss and help retain moisture in the skin.

It contains effective antiseptics - benzalkonium chloride and chlorhexidine dihydrochloride with antimicrobial properties to help overcome any kind of infection.

Quick absorption for soothing relief
Its active ingredients are quickly absorbed by your skin when the product is massaged over the areas of dry skin, helping to provide you soothing relief.


  • How to use Dermol 200 Shower Emollient

    Use it only on the skin. For maximum benefit you should use this product on a regular basis and whenever you shower.

    The same instructions apply for all age groups who normally shower:-

    • To use the product, remove the hooked overcap and attach it to the base of the bottle for hanging in the shower.
    • Holding the bottle upside down, gently squeeze the product into the palm of your hand.

    For use as a soap substitute

    • Use Dermol 200 Shower Emollient to wash with instead of ordinary soap or shower gel. It will not foam or lather like ordinary cosmetic products.
    • After washing or showering, pat the skin dry with a soft towel (avoid rubbing as this can make dry skin conditions worse).

    For use as a leave-on application (eg after showering):

    • Apply Dermol 200 Shower Emollient to the affected areas.
    • Gently smooth into the skin.
    • If necessary, allow time for any excess to soak in. Do not rub the skin vigorously.
    • Reapply as often as required.
    • If you are applying another treatment to the same areas of skin as Dermol 200 Shower Emollient, try to avoid mixing the two products. This can be achieved by applying the treatments alternately, leaving sufficient time to allow the previous application to soak in.
  • How to store Dermol 200 shower emollient

    • Keep out of sight and reach of children.
    • Do not use Dermol 200 Shower Emollient after the expiry date shown on the container or carton. The expiry date refers to the last day of that month.
    • Do not store above 25°C.
    • Replace the hooked overcap in the original position on the top of the bottle during transport.
  • General advice on looking after dry skin conditions

    • Emollients help soften, moisturise and protect the skin. They play a central role in the treatment and management of dry skin conditions. For maximum effect, they should be applied regularly and as often as needed.
    • When bathing, try to use warm, not hot, water and avoid staying in the bath for long periods. This could make dry skin conditions worse.
    • Try to avoid using normal soaps or shower products (even those labelled “moisturising”). This is because they tend to dry and irritate the skin. Avoid using products containing fragrances, as these can also cause skin problems. You should try to use a fragrance-free emollient “soap substitute” instead. This type of product will not foam or lather but will be better for your dry skin condition.
    • Breaking the itch-scratch cycle.
      Some dry skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis are itchy, and can be quite sore. Although scratching relieves the itching for a short while, it further damages the skin. Badly scratched skin easily gets infected. This makes it itchier and the urge to scratch becomes even greater. It is better if scratching can be avoided by reducing the itching. The regular use of emollients or moisturisers can help with this.

Side Effects

Like all medicines, Dermol 200 Shower Emollient can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them.

If you experience any of the following reactions stop using Dermol 200 Shower Emollient and get urgent medical help: swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat; a sudden uncharacteristic red itchy skin rash (hives) away from the site of application; wheezing or breathing difficulty; feeling faint or dizzy; a strange metallic taste in the mouth; or collapse. You may be having a serious allergic reaction.

This product has been specially designed for use on dry or problem skin areas anywhere on the body. Rarely, Dermol 200 Shower Emollient can cause skin reactions on treated areas (involving redness, irritation and/or itching). These very rare skin reactions may become more significant where associated with excessive use as a leave-on application in areas of folded skin such as the groin or in the nappy area.

Stop using the shower emollient and tell your doctor or pharmacist:

  • If your skin condition seems to look or feel worse.
  • If any of the side effects become unacceptable, or you notice any other side effects not mentioned in this leaflet.

If you swallow Dermol 200 Shower Emollient

If you accidentally swallow the product and you then feel unwell, seek medical attention. Do not attempt to cause vomiting.



Active ingredients: Benzalkonium Chloride 0.1%, Chlorhexidine Dihydrochloride 0.1%, Liquid Paraffin 2.5% and Isopropyl Myristate 2.5%

Other ingredients: Cetostearyl Alcohol, Macrogol Cetostearyl Ether, Phenoxyethanol, purified water.