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  • Salbutamol


  • Medication features

    Salbutamol inhalers are oral asthma inhalers known as reliever inhalers. The active ingredient in Salbutamol inhalers is Salbutamol Sulphate, a fast-acting medication that works by opening the airways within the lungs and as a result, helps the patient breathe easier and relieve the symptoms of an asthmatic event.

    • Dilates the airways
    • Fast and effective relief from breathing difficulties and asthma symptoms
    • Salamol is a cheaper version of Ventolin


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Salbutamol inhalers are a prescription only medication sold under the brand name Ventolin. Salbutamol is the active ingredient salbutamol sulphate, a medicine used to treat asthma symptoms.

Salbutamol is a short-acting inhaler medication that helps to widen the vessels in the lungs to allow better oxygen supply, making it easier to breathe during an asthma attack.


Inhale one to two puffs up to four times a day when required.

You can order a Salbutamol inhaler online at Pharmacy Online after you have completed an online consultation with our team.


  • What is Salbutamol?

    Salbutamol inhalers contain a type of inhaler medication that works to relieve asthma attacks. Salbutamol inhalers are blue inhalers and are the common blue reliever inhalers you see. They belong to a group of medicines known as bronchodilators.

    Salbutamol inhalers are used to treat acute symptoms of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

    Symptoms of asthma include:

    • breathing problems
    • wheezing
    • coughing
    • chest pain
    • chest tightness
  • How long does Salbutamol take to relieve asthma symptoms?

    When you take a puff of your Salbutamol inhaler, it works almost straight away to make your breathing easier.

    It carries on working for about 5 hours. If you are struggling with the symptoms of asthma attacks, you can order a salbutamol inhaler online from Pharmacy Online for fast delivery straight to your home. 

  • How to use a salbutamol inhaler properly

    Always read the instructions on your reliever inhaler, as it will provide you with the precise instructions as to how to use the inhaler correctly.

    As a general rule to use your inhaler and relieve symptoms, there are a few steps to follow:

    1. Stand or sit comfortably

    2. Remove the mouthpiece cover gently from blue reliever inhaler

    3. Shake the inhaler

    4. Hold the inhaler upright, placing your thumb underneath the mouthpiece

    5. Exhale

    6. Position the mouthpiece between your teeth and close your lips around it

    7. Inhale through your mouth and press the top of the canister as you breathe deeply

    8. Hold your breath

    9. Remove the inhaler from your mouth and replace the mouthpiece cover

    If you need to take another puff, wait for one to two minutes before repeating the above steps.

  • How long will I need to use my Salbutamol inhaler?

    Most people will use a Salbutamol inhaler for many years. You should always carry your Salbutamol inhaler with you so you can use it as soon as you have breathing problems.

    Do not stop taking Salbutamol unless your doctor tells you to. If you stop taking Salbutamol, your breathing problems could get worse.

  • What is the difference between Ventolin asthma inhaler and Salamol?

    Salbutamol is the generic medication that is sold under different brand names such as Ventolin inhalers or Salamol salbutamol inhalers.

    They all contain the same active ingredient, and work in the same way to relieve chest tightness and other symptoms of asthma.

    The only real difference between the two is the price. Salbutamol is a generic medicine and is therefore cheaper than the branded version, Ventolin.

  • Is it safe to use a Salbutamol inhaler for a long time?

    Salbutamol inhaler is a very safe medicine. There’s no evidence tha